Traveling Environment and Film Art festival Moving Baltic Sea in Riga July 31 - August 3 Venue: Spīķeri, Noass
Winners of 2ANNAS 2008 announced!
The Winners of Green Anna competition
Watch the 10 films of this year's WSFA finalists online until the 8th of June!
2ANNAS guest interactive cinema researcher Christopher Hales has arrived
From General Sponsor Hannu Pro and sponsors Nikon, Relaks Tūre, Cinevilla Studio, Avantis,, Foto Kvartāls magazine, Izdevniecība Neputns, Delfi Foto, Tea-room Goija
"Script Environment and Film Location" (With Boris Frumin, Baltic Film and Media School) and "Making of Political Films" (With Florian Opitz, DE)
Please find the information about 2ANNAS 2008 Jury Board!
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The updated 2ANNAS 2008 programme is available
Call for entries is closed for 2ANNAS 2008! Prizes from HANNU PRO and other festival supporters.
The winning short film will be licenced and broadcasted by the European culture channel ARTE. Deadline: 1st of April.
2ANNAS Grand Prix 2007 Best Fiction Safety-Matches becomes one of The Nominees of World Short Film Award - film competition based in New York presenting the best works of the Art of Short Film from around the world.
2008-12-01 Submission for 2ANNAS 2009 competition programmes will be open in December 2008 More »